Button_NewsOur church home is a place of affirming sanctuary, where many find hospitality and hope, even redemption and peace. Worship here is always about thanksgiving and overflowing with themes of God’s grace, God’s call to justice, and our responsibility to one another as God’s children.

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We experience joy, laughter, and delight in moments of shared liturgical celebration, as we experience the awe of God’s presence among us in moments of ministry that include healing prayers, outreach, and pastoral care with the people around us. We continue to discern our ministry, as our hearts are continually tuned to sing God’s praise.

Holy Week Schedule 2014

Holy Week Help?

Holy Week is always a deeply meaningful time at Christ Church and we invite you to engage in as many of the services as you can.  There are several services and events that are particularly geared towards families with children. From “Walking the Way with Jesus” on Good Friday, April 18 to the Easter Egg Hunt, pizza dinner and Easter Vigil on Holy Saturday, 4/19, there are many meaningful and fun ways to be involved. Take a look below and please let us know if you can help out! If you are able to lend a hand you may contact the Rev. Jon Eden at jeden@cccambridge.org. Thank you!

Rev. Eden’s Best Boiled Eggs

1) Be sure to use white eggs – Brown won’t hold dye!
2) Add Eggs to a large, empty pot
3) Add enough cold water to cover by at least an inch
4) Add 1 Tablespoon vinegar
5) Put on stove and bring to a boil
6) Once water is at a boil, turn off heat and cover with a tight lid
7) Let stand for 15 minutes
8) Drain and rinse eggs with cold water

Schedule of Events

BYOE (Bring Your Own Eggs)4/13 - 4/18n/aBring at least a dozen hard boiled white eggs to the office for egg dyeing on Good Friday.
Walking the Way Rehearsal4/1311:30 a.m.Rehearsal for our Walking the Way Service on Good Friday.
Set up for Egg Dyeing4/183:00 p.m.Help set up tables and dye so they are ready to go right after the service.
Walking the Way Service4/184:00 p.m.High School Youth and Adults are invited to act in the Walking the Way Service. (Rehearsal on Palm Sunday). Bring the whole family!
Egg Dyeing4/184:30 p.m.A fun event for children and adults alike.
Egg Hiding4/194:00 p.m.If you are not hunting, come help us hide eggs!
Dinner Set-up4/194:00 p.m.Help set up the festive Dinner in the auditorium.
Easter Egg Hunt / Pizza Dinner4/195:30 p.m.Please note: this event is BYOB (Bring Your Own Basket)! Come for the egg hunt, stay for the pizza.
Easter Vigil4/197:00 p.m.Be there for the smells and bells, Baptism, and the moment that Easter happens!