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is a place of affirming sanctuary, where many find hospitality and hope, even redemption and peace. Worship here is always about thanksgiving and overflowing with themes of God’s grace, God’s call to justice, and our responsibility to one another as God’s children.

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We experience joy, laughter, and delight in moments of shared liturgical celebration, as we experience the awe of God’s presence among us in moments of ministry that include healing prayers, outreach, and pastoral care with the people around us. We continue to discern our ministry, as our hearts are continually tuned to sing God’s praise.

Ministry Updates from Annual Meeting 2015

The following is are the updates from our lively Ministry discussions during Annual Meeting on February 1, 2015, as published in our March Leaflet. Look for more Ministry news soon to come!


Worship and Pastoral Care:

From our gathering at the annual meeting, one major theme arose: the need and desire to continue to develop community, both inside our ministry (which involves over 100 volunteers) and with the congregation and visitors in our life together. We plan to expand our efforts in this through gatherings of the various groups inside our ministry, as well as through greater outreach to the congregation as a whole during worship services and in pastoral care activities.


Thank you for your participation in the Resources Discussion at the Christ Church annual meeting. What a great opportunity to talk about the opportunities at Christ Church! We were so pleased to see so many people interested in engaging in this vital ministry for our church. It was a very thoughtful and helpful discussion.
Although the Resources Ministry is concerned with the three areas of Property, Operations, and Finance, the discussion focused on property—in particular, the use of space for both income and mission. Themes of our discussions also included “capital control and endowment management,” “major investments in property projects and related, on-going maintenance,” “capital planning: 5 years – both micro and macro.”
There was also a focus on human capital in the church: skills, talent, and energy. Folks were invited to come forward to help, perhaps in two’s, to work on IT, archival issues, space management and rental, endowment management, and major gift outreach.
Attention focused us forward, and in reviewing these opportunities concerns were expressed about whether our infrastructure of staff and volunteers is in place for the possibilities before us.
Thank you for joining in this conversation. If you are interested in a particular project or activity, please email resources@cccambridge.org. Jeff Brown or Neil McCullagh will respond quickly. See you on Sunday, if not sooner. Stay warm.

Parish Life and Christian Formation:

The discussion that was led by the Parish Life and Christian Formation Ministry at the Annual Meeting could be summarized as follows: “We participate in Parish Life activities because we share a desire to grow as persons, build community, and connect in meaningful, purposeful ways.”

The group reviewed the current offerings within the Ministry, touching upon the covenant dinner groups and the seasonal social/fundraising events, and showing particular interest in the Church School program, which offers classes for all ages. The core values exposed throughout our discussion are the importance of:

1) fostering inter-generational connections and opportunities for the whole body of Christ at CCC, and
2) creating a culture of hospitality through all that we do.

We acknowledged that these goals encompass the work of all the four Ministries and call us to reach out.

The Annual Report shares specific projects that this Ministry will be taking on in 2015 towards those ends. Two challenges identified for Parish Life and Christian Formation were broadening communication about all that there is at CCC and what there could be, and giving agency to change. Through this Ministry we hope to be ever more welcoming, inclusive, and helpful to each other, and always enjoy our time together.

The conversation continues this Lent for Parish Life and Christian Formation. Please join us on Thursday, March 19. Message parishlife@cccambridge.org for more information.


Reflecting on our past and current mission and social justice work at CCC, we plan to continue and strengthen our most effective and long-standing programs in our parish, community, and beyond, as we increase their impact with more parishioners’ involvement. In the months ahead, our mission group will meet to discern ways in which our resources of faith, funding, and people of all ages offering their energy, wisdom, and talents can create more short- and long-term programs for a vibrant mission ministry at Christ Church. Please join us for our first all-parish meeting to begin our mission journery together on Sunday, March 22, at 11:45 a.m. in the Library. All are welcome