Button_NewsOur church home is a place of affirming sanctuary, where many find hospitality and hope, even redemption and peace. Worship here is always about thanksgiving and overflowing with themes of God’s grace, God’s call to justice, and our responsibility to one another as God’s children.

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We experience joy, laughter, and delight in moments of shared liturgical celebration, as we experience the awe of God’s presence among us in moments of ministry that include healing prayers, outreach, and pastoral care with the people around us. We continue to discern our ministry, as our hearts are continually tuned to sing God’s praise.

Thrift Shop Update!

Christ-Church-Cambridge-Thrift-Shop-SignWe are pleased to announce that the Christ Church Cambridge Thrift Shop will re-open for business next Tuesday, August 19! Our amazing volunteers have spent all summer cleaning the shop and sorting through your generous donations, and we are very appreciative of all their hard work.

Would you like to connect with the Thrift Shop online? They are now on Facebook, Yelp, and Google +. They’ll be posting pictures of assorted treasures that cross their doorstep, so make sure to check in frequently!

If you are interested in becoming a Thrift Shop volunteer, you may contact Joyce Penniston for more information. Many thanks for your continued support!