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is a place of affirming sanctuary, where many find hospitality and hope, even redemption and peace. Worship here is always about¬†thanksgiving and overflowing with themes of God’s grace, God’s call to justice, and our responsibility to one another as God’s children.

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We experience joy, laughter, and delight in moments of shared liturgical celebration, as we experience the awe of God’s presence among us in moments of ministry that include healing prayers, outreach, and pastoral care with the people around us. We continue to discern our ministry, as our hearts are continually tuned to sing God’s praise.

“Episcopal 101″: Christian Education

Throughout the season of Lent, Christ Church Cambridge will offer an “Episcopal 101″ course at 6:00 p.m. on Wednesday evenings. It will be a chance to learn about the particularities and peculiarities of the Episcopal Church and spend some time in prayer and fellowship with others who may be exploring church in a new way. All are welcome, whether well-versed in all things Christian or a complete newcomer. The class may simply be for edification and fellowship, but it might also serve as preparation for Adult Baptism, Adult Confirmation, or Reception into the Episcopal Church.

Easter Vigil, a traditional day for Adult Baptism, is Saturday, April 4.
Confirmation this year will be held on Saturday, May 2.

Holy Baptism is the ceremony by which we recognize that we are God’s children and though which we become members of the Church.

Confirmation is considered a mature and public affirmation of Faith. It is an opportunity to re-affirm the promises made, or made on your behalf, at baptism. At confirmation, the Bishop will be present and will lay hands on you as part of the ceremony.

Reception into the Episcopal Church is for those who have been baptized and confirmed in a different tradition, but would like to become members of the Episcopal Church through an official process. Reception is part of the confirmation service and looks much the same, though the Bishop’s prayers over you will be different.

For those seeking Confirmation or Reception, we will provide a session or two after Easter for any specific questions or issues. If you are interested, please be in touch with the Rev. Jon Eden (jeden@cccambridge.org) as soon as possible.